As Featured In... comb fuzzy baby hairs back into place. However, a more convenient product has been invented for that exact purpose" 
- Aug 29, 2022

"I'm a bit obsessed... Will definitely be a staple in my handbag."

"...Super portable and discreet I will continue to carry this little magic wand with me to keep my hair looking good."

Featured in the Ultimate Christmas gift guide for the beauty aficionado - Volume 87 / 2021

WINNER - 2021 Organic Beauty Award - Best Clean™ Hair Treatment


Best Clean™ Hair Treatment
2021 Organic Beauty Award

"Made from just 5 ingredients this hair wand is magical! Less is certainly more when it comes to Eco-beauty, normally when you reach for hair spray or gel, it contains an array of chemicals that are hard to pronounce.

This magical hair wand is made with Water, Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) that gives the extra fixative power that is lightweight (note it is not plastic, it is water-soluble so that is a win for the environment as well as your health)..."

Amina Kitching | Founder & Editor of Safe Cosmetics Australia

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