We recommend applying product to flyaways BEFORE styling or tying your hair up.

If hair is already styled, focus on any loose baby hairs and frizz, being careful not to push the brush back all the way to your topknot, ponytail etc, to prevent the brush becoming caught in your hair.


Tap off any excess product before applying to your hair - this will minimise 'wetness’.


It is a clear formula, with a slightly thinner consistency than a gel to tame flyaways. It does not dry hard or sticky.



Sure but our Hair Perfecting Wand is way more convenient!

- Tame flyaways in seconds whether at home or out and about

- No need for sticky hairspray or multiple hair tools 




Depending on your hair type and level of activity during the day you may need a quick touch up (e.g after a gym sesh)


Depending on how much is applied, if used daily each bottle will last approx. 3-6 weeks!


Based on 96 reviews
Life changing

I honestly could not live without this product. I know that sounds ridiculous but I have to wear my hair up for work and with frizzy grey hairs coming in I just love the slick perfect look it gives. I’m also vegan so big tick there. It holds all day, doesn’t make your hair hard or sticky and is just so easy to use! Love love!

Smooth, sleek &

Love it. Love it. Love it. I am a serious pony tail girl and this wand is a game changer! It keeps flyaways in place ALL DAY. My pony tail looks sleek and helps me feel “together.” If you’re thinking about purchasing one, do it. You will be so happy that you did 😊


It is the best! My hair was really curly and annoying me with knots constantly so I decided to chemically straighten my hair. Over 6 months my hair can't hold the chemicals so it is now curly again. I now have to use it otherwise I look like I just woke up out of bed even though I have put wax and spray in. The magic wand is for certain magical. Do yourself a favour and but one.


My girls have so much “fly aways” (baby hairs) and this product is AMAZING! I wish I found this years ago.

I love this product! One of the only products that actually keeps the baby hairs down!!!

Game changer!! Holds your hair in Australian humidity. Thank you for creating this amazing product!!

A total game changer for me! I always tend to bring cans of hairspray and fix my hair throughout the day to get rid of annoying flyaways. This perfecting wand does magic on my hair, gives me a perfect slick look and stay this way for hours!! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to save time, space in your bag or shelve and get the look perfected!!!

I have reallllly frizzy curly hair and this is the first product I’ve used that actually works once I have straightened my hair! Magic !!

My go-to product for catching those flyaways before work in the morning! I couldn’t do without it.

Absolutely love it!

I’ve always had fly always and hated using hair spray as I hate the feeling of it but stay x makes your hair stay put without the greasy wet look!

Love love love love love love love and love! Should’ve brought two - have used this everyday since receiving it!! Love that it gets rid of my sideburn hairs which in return shapes my face more 😍 brilliant

I love this product! Finally something I can use to put those fly away bits away. I love that’s it’s easy to use, not oily and it actually works. Thank you !!!!

This is the best hair product I have ever used!

What a difference this makes for me and I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without it

Before stayx wand I would spend time every morning trying to style my fly aways but I’m loving this product. Makes it so easy…it’s a must have

It works great, have told all my family and friends about the hair wand

Great - Flyaways stay away :)

Highly recommended - my daughter also loves it

This is so lightweight and non greasy, very impressed with the staying power it lasts all day at work

Can’t live without it


As a flight attendant, my hair must be near and ‘slicked back’. After years of damaging my (very curly and frizzy) hair with hairspray I started trying different methods. I’ve bought many products like this only to have them either leave my hair rock hard or revolting and greasy, even causing tide-lines by removing my makeup. But FINALLY I have found this godsend. It’s lightweight, and you can use it for days without it building up or making your hair oily and gross. I don’t leave home without it and I rave about it to all the crew I fly with 🙌 thank you for an amazing product!

Finally. No more heavy hair gels or sprays

My whole life i have worn my hair up. Over the years of daily use of gels and sprays my fly aways are so bad. This magic wand doesn't even feel like there is anything in my hair.
I will never go back.
2nd order done and I have 3 wands coming this time.


Your product is absolutely amazing!!! I was always using bobbi pins to keep the flyaway hairs back but now I have no use for the Bobbi pins!! I honestly couldn’t be happier thank you so much 🙌😍